Purpose of V.I.E.W.


our members about community programs and resources designed specifically for small business owners


and support each other in our businesses by spreading the word and showing up for each other


our members to lawyers, accountants, bankers, and consultants that have resources to help their businesses

Why We Started V.I.E.W.

Women are the fastest growing group of small business owners in the nation. Eat Speak Love began amid a global pandemic and with the help of mentors, sponsors, and community partners, we have been able to grow and excel. Through business partnerships made through Eat Speak Love, our owner, Tiffany Roper, has become an ambassador and advocate for women and minority business owners in our city.

Through organic growth and genuine relationships, it became apparent that women in business have similar challenges with access to capital, mentorship, and fear approaching legal, accounting, and banking professionals for assistance. 

Businesswomen, and minorities especially, seek transparency, effective communication, and a sense of understanding for their unique challenges and goals. With these components in place, growth, expansion, and sustainability become much more attainable. V.I.E.W. provides a safe space for these business owners to discuss their challenges, share resources, and encourage each other to succeed.

Become a Member of V.I.E.W.

Our V.I.E.W. membership is currently comprised of 100% women, 97% minorities, 89% mothers, 65% serial entrepreneurs, 17% new business owners (businesses younger than one year).

Become a part of this great group of women that are invested in building their brand, increasing their knowledge of sound business practices, and supporting our sisters in business!

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